Alshafee is a healthcare platform on a mission to connect experienced health experts with patients across Pakistan. Focusing on better health decisions and consultations, Alshafee solves all health-related issues in one place.

Our Contribution

UX Design, UI Design, Product Strategy Prototyping


4 Months

Alshafee is more than just a doctor consultation app. Millions of patients are looking for doctors nearby to make better health-related decisions. At Alshafee, professionals, practitioners, and specialists can practice plus provide services directly to their patients and promote their business. Patients and doctors both can make their profiles, track history, and submit/ respond to feedback with 100% data security.

Whether you want to make an appointment, consult with the best doctors, or want to order medicines online, everything is here at Alshafee. This app takes complete care of users with all the track records from the comfort of their homes.


There are multiple healthcare apps in the market offering different services, but the main objective of Alshafee was to facilitate all the services on one platform so that patients get solutions to all their issues. Alshafee enables communication between doctors and patients to ease high-quality healthcare services.


After going through adequate research on our target audience, we find the following (not limited to) difficulties that patients were facing in their daily life:

Tired of searching for the right doctor and waiting to get an appointment.

To verify the credibility of the doctors and track the history to rely on to get treated with an experienced doctor.

Users are unaware of the number of doctors available that fit their needs and requirements.

It's not always possible for many users to go to the lab and get tested as it drains energy and time.

Keeping the right track of your treatment history is difficult if you want to go to a new doctor for a particular issue or consultation.

In emergency cases, it is difficult to reach a doctor virtually.

There may be geographical and financial determinants that create barriers to reaching the right doctor at the right time.


Challenges for us with the Alshafee app design were creating this app as a personal guide and growth opportunity, and choosing a suitable tone.

One app for all needed to cater to all the UI/UX implementation for Medicine suppliers, Doctors, and patients. Simplifying the user flow for people of a country having a different approach/living style/beliefs was a challenging process.

Deliver the task within tight deadlines.

Communication gap due to Different time zones.

Understanding the medical terms (symptoms, diagnosis, types of doctors, and many more) and implementing them into the designing part was a tough task.

Our Solutions

Understand the brief and their goals first and what they want to achieve with this design implementation.

After thorough research, we made a prototype.

Work on the project on priority and deliver the best outcome within the predefined time limit.
Provided the client with a slot according to their availability.

Each doctor, practitioner, and patient has a different section to come and benefit from Alshafee. In each section, different features were available to increase the accessibility and usability of the application in the best possible.
On the app, different interaction options are provided like virtual meet, appointment, chat, and call to the required doctor as per their preference.

We made sure to cater to patients and doctors from different demographics and geographics to connect in one place.

We made the simplest UI possible to eliminate functional hindrances so that every individual can use Alshafee to solve their health-related issues.


Starting with the pain points of both practitioners and patients, we have always kept them into our focus to provide the best user experience. We took note of user expectations to ease the process in simple steps while designing.

Style Guide

We have used an idle color theme to suit the medical sector. Added different visual vocabulary, graphics, and images to engage the users and make a conversation easy.

Visual Output

After all the research, exertion, and feedback, we have developed a final app UI as Alshafee imagined. We have given screen-to-screen visualization and an active UI transition.

PointofViewer has calmly gone through our envision and was connected throughout the process to come to the best outcome as Alshafee. We get delivered exceeding our expectations and this made Alshafee a great success across Pakistan.

Dr. Khurram Founder & CEO

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