Earthnut is a food product brand that offers a wide range of peanut butter and spreads for all different tastes and diets. Be Healthy, Be Fit is their main agenda. They solely focus on health, fitness, and protein

Our Contribution

Social Media Design and Updates, Influencer Collaborations


4 Months

With the mission to serve people more healthy, delicious and ready-to-eat food choices, Earthnut is leading the space with various peanut butter options. They are fulfilling the delight by providing competitive products by all means.

From breakfast to late-night dessert, you can treat yourself any time of the day with these products! Besides that, its products are not just healthy and nutritious, but also quite affordable.


Earthnut offers peanut butter in different flavors rich in vitamins and minerals so that people include them in their daily diet. They believe to bring a healthy shift in eating habits made with high protein, gluten-free, non-GMO, 100% vegan, and cholesterol-free products.


In a world full of choices, people need to make smart moves while choosing the perfect food option.

When it comes to peanut butter people focus to select the right flavor and beneficial ingredients.

People usually stand away from added sugar products.

People need to know the specialties and then buy the perfect peanut butter.

Not one taste is fit for all, flavor choices vary for different customers. We needed to do experiments with different design options that people will love to enjoy.


Every client has different taste preferences when it comes to representation.
We calmly understood the demands and presented different solutions to simplify the process.

While clients were asking to adopt meme material for their social handles, we were looking to maintain the belief factor with their brand.

The mix-and-match representation was a twisted thing, to begin with.

We need to serve audiences from different psychological backgrounds, as peanut butter is the favorite of all.

We needed influencers to build the product's reliability.

Our Solutions

We have started with identifying the right color palette for the brand that not only looks good but exactly transmits the sole value offerings of Earthnut.

We got along with all the specialties of Earthnut peanut butter and highlighted them in our work.

Since trust building is always a big issue when it comes to the food sector, we have tied up with different influencers to fill the gap and build a solid trust factor so that people can rely on the products.

Each of the posts was conversational as well as fulfilling the agenda of transferring brand message.

We have throughout maintained the brand promise of healthy eating, a trusted product, and a choice you can anytime opt for.


We have maintained the color theme balance for a perfect representation of brand value. In addition, the audience was always on our target so that we can convey the brand message effectively and highlight what it offers.

Style Guide

We used some playful colors that represent the peculiar brand ingredients. The color highlights the vegan product's specialty, trusted flavors, and full of energy products.

Visual Output

After all the brainstorming sessions we finally completed representing the social media look & feel of the brand. Their ingredients are always highlighted to reflect the transparency of the brand.

After going through what we wanted team showcased their point of view, and how we can do better with a visual representation of my brand. Their social media strategies and influencer collaboration handlings helped us boost our brand business and given a jump in sales. We are really happy to work with POV team.

Ravi Marketing Specialist

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