Looking for a delicious meal without the hassle? Foodeze is the solution for you! Foodeze is a third-party virtual kitchen and food delivery platform that connects home cooks, private chefs, and caterers with customers who are looking for a hassle-free dining experience.

Our Contribution

Mobile Application & Website UI/UX


2 Months

Whether you're looking to order a meal for delivery, RSVP to a Foodie event, or place a catering order for an upcoming event, Foodeze has you covered! A virtual kitchen offering a wide variety of food options for every kind of craver eliminates the eat-in option for diners and focuses purely on sales through off-premise channels. Mainly focused on empowering different restaurants in South Africa to expand delivery coverage, reach the demands, and bring great food to more people.

They have delivery kitchens available in areas that have a high demand for delivery options. These areas are densely populated with people who regularly order food to be delivered.


Foodeze helped many food entrepreneurs find commercial kitchens to expand their businesses, as well as existing commercial kitchens that are looking to expand their business space. The diners can look for the menu items and restaurants available nearby for the reliability of food quality upon delivery.


After going to the edge of communications and operations, there are various issues that people face when relying on the virtual kitchen.

Tired of searching for the right kitchen partner, it’s hard to rely on the quality of food and the services they provide.

Since the virtual kitchen deals with different food vendors, this becomes a strict need to maintain service and quality standards.

Users are mainly unaware of the multiple food options available at their preferred location, which is an underlying problem that keeps good food away from the reach of diners.

Marketing and advertising become tough when you are totally focused on food, you need a team to manage that.

It becomes tough to manage multiple food vendors in one place and manage to track the orders and a secured payment gateway.


In a world full of online food vendor applications, we needed to add specific features and availabilities that shift the users to trust Foodeze and it requires an effortless user interface.

We need to keep both vendors and diners in mind to make an interface a solution for both kinds of users.

Maintain real-time adaptability to accept, track, dispatch orders, and get the food delivered timely.

We need to add different payment methods to elate all kinds of customers with a total security option.

A highly responsive mobile application and website that builds trust with the diners landing upon the website.

Our Solutions

Foodeze was going to be a revolutionary platform in the South African market as it was going to connect different food providers to diners.

We have started with doing market research and collected the required information of users to make the website and application a user-friendly one and increase brand loyalty.

Implementing technological advancements for quick search results, popping food choices, and options according to previous orders, for making the users more engaged with the application.

We have used the typeface and graphics that perfectly defines each of the applications’ features and make the interface more appealing. Simple onboarding and admin panels make the application extraordinarily efficient to operate by every kind of user.


Starting from the discovery phase, we underlined the customers’ and vendors’ objectives and created a prototype ready for testing and implementing the required modifications. While creating the mobile application and website, we followed minimalist and aesthetic design principles.

Style Guide

We have designed a style guide that speaks through the visuals and glamorous color palette defining all the application elements and interfaces to develop a strong brand identity.

Visual Output

The result screen-to-screen view that we came up with eases the user experience which gives you full flexibility to select and order food from your preferred location.

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