Full of fun and tingling tastes, FruitChill delights ‘Fun Times and Lasting Memories’. Making people smile everywhere from living their childhood again for older customers to making memories for younger generations.

Our Contribution

Social Media Creative Design, Logo & Brand Guide


Recurring Client

Want to relive your childhood? Try Fruitchill and begin your journey of Nostalgia from the days of hot and windy summer days, running to the shops, and enjoying the flavored pops with closed eyes. Try FruitChill Pop. As a proud Indian food company, they are committed to innovating and developing food and beverage products for all ages.

Fruitchill is keeping those sweet and salty childhood memories of friends and family alive with affordable, healthy, and fun pops. Allow us to re-joy the precious moments of happy faces and joyful hearts.


A brand that is allowing every age to make and relive the memories of their childhood, FruitChill approached us to fulfill their needs by coming up with creative & attractive graphic designs that win hearts after the very first gaze and develop a craving to taste FruitChill.


FruitChill is a flavorful brand and wanted those flavors to jump straight from their strong graphics. They have worked with many designers in the past but none of them were able to transfer the exact feel that they were wrestling for.

Their previous creatives were lacking to engage/catch the hearts of the viewers and so were not performing well.

They wanted a designer, who could thoroughly understand the psychological needs of their customers to attract them.

Their designs need to speak out from the inside out to make people taste FruitChill Pops.

Each of the flavors is close to the heart and they wanted every flavor to voice the same.


After having a one-on-one conversation, we have dived into the look & feel of the brand and understood their needs and wants regarding the creatives.

Social media is the strong and only medium where they can present, converse, and gain customers' sight. All ages of users are present on social media.

We needed to convey the real and trusted flavors through our creatives to connect with all ages whether a child or an adult.

Their existing creatives were failing to convey the brand promise to the audience.

Our Solutions

We walked their journey with a fresh point of view and lived through the issues that they were facing.

Our main agenda with creative designs was to give a lively touch to every flavor that was missing in their existing creatives so that it can attract audiences of any age to try & taste FruitChill. We worked on the vibrant colors of real fruits and implemented them into the design to instill a real desire.

We have inserted the fun elements of childhood into the creatives which gave a vibrant and cheerful effect to engage with every age.

The creatives are no more only images but are more a story that everyone loves, lives, and enjoys during their childhood.

We delivered authentic designs for authentic FruitChill products. Enjoy & Relive childhood with taste and our creatives.


Understanding the psychology of visitors and buyers was the first step to moving ahead with our approach. The creatives aimed to deep-seat with the perfect look & feel of childhood memories and pop out with the real taste of flavors to engage with everyone. When you look into the lively designs, you can feel those tangy flavors jumping into your mouth from the fruit chill lobby.

Style Guide

We have selected colors inspired by natural fruits to inject the flavors into the creatives. We have created a logo and brand style guide to give a true Brand Identity to FruitChill.

Visual Output

The colors used strongly define the Brand and maintain a trust factor through the visuals and creatives to keep every visitor engaged, enjoying, and living childhood to the fullest.

The team has fused life into the creatives. FruitChill looks much more vibrant, true, and engaging. Their team listens to every requirement carefully and implements creative solutions to come up with the best outcomes for their designs. Love their Work!

Gulnasheen Sayed Ast. Brand Manager

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