inspireRED is a brand for finance & real estate that believes in humanizing solutions. They build lasting relationships with customers, and partners set on uncompromising excellence and ethics. It’s where people have the perfect opportunity to turn to great quality- at the best price.

Our Contribution

Brand Book & Social Media Design


Brand Book (1 Month) & Social Media Design (Recurring Client)

We take pride in being Authorized Loan & Real Estate Consultants working with contemporary banks or financial institutions to offer business loans, personal loans, property loans, home loans, pre-owned car loans, etc. plus a Consistent Community to provide top deals with the buying, selling, renting, or investing of land and buildings.

inspireRED believes in transparency & true collaborations and aims to lead our partners & clients with mutual understanding, legal protection, professional satisfaction, patience, clarity, and long-term support.


Firmly believing in strong bondings and strong solutions. As a brand, inspireRED offers a new opportunity for its partners or collaborators: a better way to work together. They want it to reflect in their brand identity and brand presence so people connect to make smarter and informed decisions.


Relying upon someone while making decisions related to money always leads to developing trust issues. Moreover, we came to a conclusion that there are the following issues people are facing while dealing with a loan or finance consultancy-

Most of the applicants fail to pass the first stage of verification.

Not having sound knowledge of finding trusted sources.

A lot of times, banks ask for collateral to give a loan.

Varying interest rates and terms where normal people fail to grasp and make the right decision for themselves.

With great benefits comes lengthy paperwork that creates a hurdle to understanding the terms and sitting firmly with the conditions.

Regardless of the profits your business generates, the borrowers should have sufficient funds for a few months. For that, pre-planning is imperative! Where everyone needs directions.

There are different clauses in different authorities when you seek different kinds of loans (home/business/education/any), which people usually are not aware of.


Finance was a totally different aspect for us to work with. But most excited from the business perspective. We got ourselves ready with all the needed information.

We have done sound research regarding all the benefits and consequences of finance and consulting issues that generally people face.

We have kept the pain points at our focal and presented inspireRED as a sound solution for all the issues that it actually offers.

Integrating all the vast information in one place was a difficult task for us while formulating brand strategy. We needed to sound trustworthy as well as someone with which every kind of person can connect without any dilemma.

Our Solutions

InspireRED solves enormous problems related to loans and finance in one place. They made you believe in yourself and make the plans actually work.

We have done research and formulated a strong brand personality and maintained a tone to firmly represent the brand in front of people. Evolve the brand to maintain assurity among people with mutual understanding, legal protection, and professional satisfaction. Their mission and vision flowed into action while we formulated them into words that made people build trust with inspireRED.

While working on their social media strategy we maintain brand consistency in all the visuals and encourage engagement, where people come from all demographics and connect plus trust while making the most important decisions of their life.


Our first approach was to connect with the Brand authority to walk the whole brand journey from his point of view and convert it into a strong identity reflecting firm values. We took note of focused users so that we can increase engagement over social media.

Style Guide

We have curated a strong Brand style guide for inspireRED to firmly stand out in the market. As the brand stands for commitment, quality & transparency. To reflect the values in look & feel, Blue, light red & white colors are chosen to perfectly define inspireRED.

Visual Output

After all the research related to the finance industry, we have crafted a strong brand identity that can build trust with the audience to connect and make major decisions.

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Ahmer Tariq Founder & CEO

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