Max Value Charging

Max Value Charging is a charging station provider in India that is striving to contribute to a strong EV ecosystem through technology-driven transitions to electric mobility. Committed to providing customers with the best possible experience and are constantly working to improve stations and services.

Our Contribution

Mobile Application UI/UX, Product Strategy, Color Theme


1 Months

Max Value Charging is more than just an electric vehicle charging provider - our mobile application is designed to make users' lives easier and help them avoid emergencies. The app is upgraded with features like total transparency, easy EV station location, and tracker visibility, so users can always be prepared.


Max Value Charging is working towards becoming the largest charging network in India by connecting cities and vehicle owners to a sustainable ecosystem. The company is all set to launch its own electric vehicles which will have zero tailpipe emissions of air pollutants and will make less noise. The technology-advanced CMS and mobile app developed by the company facilitate telematic solutions. This helps fleet owners in the tracking of vehicles, cost-optimization, and increase productivity.


Though electric vehicles are the biggest move this generation has made, it will take longer than a decade to make the full switch.

Various issues arise when Switching to EVs, such as

An upscale of the charging network, accurate tracking of charging capacity, and maintaining functionality and automation.

Additionally, access, performance, payment, and power are all issues that need to be addressed by EV providers in order for people to adopt them on a large scale - and not every provider has efficiently solved these issues.

Minimizing the charge time for electric vehicles (EV) and queues is important for both drivers and businesses.

Offering secure, robust, and intuitive charging solutions can help to ensure data security and minimize the risk of cyber attacks.


The biggest challenge while designing the mobile application was reducing the inconsistency in the operating system and infrastructure.

To develop a highly responsive and accurate mobile application, we had to consider charging station capacity, crowd information, and easy allocation of charging stations at various locations.

EV charging software needs a billing and invoicing system that's transparent, user-friendly, and able to handle multiple payment schemes (including prepaid, pay-per-use, and credit card payments).

A customer service portal and reporting features are crucial needs for efficient facilitation.

Our Solutions

After considering all the potential issues, we created a prototype that would address all of them and provide a more sorted user interface.

By doing this, we hope to make the user experience more pleasant and responsive.

We create unique designs that take each customer's individual user experience needs into account. We stay up-to-date on the latest design trends so we can create UI designs that will help every user.

Our UI designs are not only visually appealing and reflective of your brand identity, but they're also effective in meeting important business objectives. This includes up/cross-selling, strategic offers, increased dwell time, and more.


Conceptualizing the pain points to make the user experience better, we listed the routes to simplified user experience solutions.

Style Guide

We kept the mobile application view uncluttered and the color scheme straightforward to support the invention's purpose. Additionally, the visuals and images used are highly engaging to users.

Visual Output

After careful wireframing and getting feedback from users, we came up with a highly engaging mobile app. It's got a visually appealing interface that's easy to use, making it a joy to move from screen to screen.

Team at PointofViewer has created a mobile app that is not only highly responsive but also has an interface that is user-friendly. Our customers are more satisfied with the strong data-protected interface because it gives them a sense of security.

Prakhar Abhishek Founder of Greenusys Technology

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