Middle Pearls

Medicine made with care. Middle Pearls is medical equipment facilitator to help prevent cross-contamination and achieve the public demand for clean, safe, healthy, and hygienic environments.

Our Contribution

Mobile Application UI/UX


1 Months

Supplying hygienic equipment and disinfectants, Middle Pearls stands in Gujrat for making the environment safer and more secure. They believe the bacteria spread more rapidly via human touch and so making surfaces clean and getting rid of these.

The high purity and safety medical equipment make it ideal as a pharmaceutical excipient in a variety of disinfectants.


Focused on enhancing access to good quality, affordable, and appropriate medical products essential for advancing universal health coverage, addressing health emergencies, and promoting healthier populations. To provide the best quality medical care possible by selling and manufacturing technologically advanced appliances, instruments, equipment, and consumables at an affordable price.


Middle Pearl has observed many problems with the distribution of medical equipment and working as the solution to these issues.

Some equipment is not distributed evenly among hospitals, and some hospitals do not have the right kind of equipment for their needs.

Healthcare services to communities are significantly impacted when management is ineffective.

Maintenance management of medical equipment is crucial to ensure that manufacturer specification guarantees patient and user safety.

If medical equipment fails, it could seriously affect how effective healthcare services are, cause severe injuries to patients, and harm the environment.

To be the company that others compare themselves to and be known for our dedication, honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service.


Medical equipment forms an integral part of human care and life. The biggest challenge was to make the website look reliable for every visitor so that they can buy the products without giving it a second thought.

It's crucial to select the correct parameters to be taken into account for medical equipment reliability assessment in order to maintain optimum healthcare standards.

We needed to create highly responsive chatbots to enhance the user experience while visiting the website so that they can get their queries answered.

Resolve the complicated navigation issue.

Our Solutions

Now that we had identified the problems and challenges, we sit to jot down the possible solutions and hence made a user interface that serves the purpose of Middle Pearls and created their work distribution mended.

We completed some extensive research and used what we found to create a prototype that addresses all the issues a user could come across, as well as what more we could do to make the user experience more calming and responsive.

UI design is crucial in giving a company an edge over the competition. By taking customers' individual user experience needs into account and incorporating current design trends, we created UI designs that are one-of-a-kind and sure to be helpful for every user.


Middle Pearls wanted the version of the website to be quick and highly responsive and something that serves the purpose and conveys its idea. We were able to keep our focus on core features by being very frugal with our feature list and avoiding feature creep. This allowed us to really hone in on what was essential to the platform.

Style Guide

The first thing we worked on was the Brand look & feel. We wanted to choose a color that would represent transparency and trustworthiness, so we went with the standard brand color. We have put a lot of effort into developing a strong brand identity.

Visual Output

The colors used strongly define the Brand and maintain a trust factor through the visuals and graphics to build the trust factor with every visitor, making them buy the products.

At first, I was very unsure whether will they be able to manage the trust factor within the website but after our first conversation, I was confident that Middle Pearls is going to shine. And the team made it happen. I will recommend PointofViewer design team.

Prakhar Abhishek Founder of Greenusys Technology

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