Om Shree

Om Shree is a Broadcasting Platform that directly connects devotional listeners to different channels and ongoing devotional programs. They also live telecast Jagran from different sources on one single platform.

Our Contribution

UX Design, UI Design, Product Strategy Prototyping


1 Months

People in India believe in spiritual programs and TV channels. Om Shree application makes absorption more effortless. As different channels and broadcasting programs are telecasted on one single platform. The user can get access to live devotional television shows and videos from different channel sources.

Making digital more convenient for all kinds of viewers to connect with God anytime and anywhere. This application also features promotions as channels can advertise different upcoming shows on the platform.


Your daily devotional needs are met by the Om Shree Devotional App. The app is now accessible throughout India and has complete access to new features, different channels, and live events. Stream or download original soulful devotional programs both online & offline. Listen to the songs and telecasts of your favorite deity from the home screen.


Before the sole idea of the application, Om Shree consummated thorough research to identify the problems that devotees were facing-

Listeners were tired of searching for different channels to listen to their favorite spiritual shows and programs.

If they have missed their shows then they were not able to rewatch them anywhere and they have to wait for the next telecast.

Devotees are not always aware of different ongoing events and programs from different sources.

People are not able to find professional priests based on their language, location, preferences & occasions.


Managing a simplified user interface was the biggest challenge for this application as we were going to add a number of channels and live events on one platform.

Maintaining consistency for different kinds of users was a challenge.

Back-end integration with the development team to develop a feasible solution.

Our Solutions

Our main focus was to create a simplified user interface that makes all the features easily accessible, with a better user experience.

We have collected all the material from different sources and channels to embed into the application.

For different devotees of different spiritual choices, we have made the interface easy to understand for every single user.

We have provided the users with different intuitive home screens that make the application favorites of all.

To enhance the user experience, we have designed a personalized dashboard for the users to look into their search history, and download their programs in one place to view later.

Focused to enhance the experience, we have also added in-built app promotions.


To make this app favorite and the first choice of all the devotees, we have researched the background of different faiths and made the application more simplified. The different visuals and in-app run quality were our first priority.

Style Guide

Strong colors were used to define the brand, especially orange as it is solely linked with different devotional backgrounds and makes the devotees feel connected.

Visual Output

After all the user research and wire-framing, the final screen visualizations are strong to capture, and the interface is easy to access.

The team has made our imagination change into visualization. Their sound knowledge can be easily spotted in their work. Happy to work with the team.

Prakhar Abhishek Founder of Greenusys Technology

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