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All Projects

Alshafee is a healthcare platform on a mission to connect experienced health experts with patients across Pakistan.


E-Fill CMS and mobile App helps you in live monitoring, Tariff management along with many other advance features to run EV charging business efficiently


Sell your Home-cooked meals through Foodeze. Signup as A Home cook, Private Chef or Caterer today and Grow your market space & earning capacity


Get Stronger is the high-quality Whey Protein Powder that helps with quick muscle recovery & prevents muscle breakdown.

Max Value Charging

Max Value Charging mobile App helps you in live monitoring, Tariff management along with many other advance features to run EV charging business efficiently.

Om Shree

Om Shree is the Indian tradiotional program brodcasting mobile application.

Rajwadi Farsan

Rajwadi Farsan is a manufacturer and distributor of Namkeen and other Food Products with the best in quality and taste in the Gujrat region.


A modern hiring platform to manage your contingent workforce.


Berlin is an Indian-based company offering exclusive and stylish sanitary ware or bath design products services at affordable pricing.


Earthnut is a food product brand that offers a wide range of peanut butter and spreads for all different tastes and diets.


Full of fun and tingling tastes, FruitChill delights ‘Fun Times and Lasting Memories’.


inspireRED is a brand for finance & real estate that believes in humanizing solutions.

Middle Pearls

Door handles are known to be havens for countless types of harmful bacteria and are the most susceptible common touch point for human-tohuman transmission of all forms of pathogens, viruses and diseases.

Parallel Team

Parallel Team is a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategic thinking, design excellence, and technical expertise to drive digital transformation.


Truckadium is a leading training, consulting, and technology company serving Trucking Industry in entire Canada and US.


Zammer is a fashion marketplace that works as a bridge between the Traditional and Modern-age shopping styles to keep the Indian Shopping experience segment at a priority.

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