Rajwadi Farsan

Rajwadi Farsan is a manufacturer and distributor of Namkeen and other Food Products with the best in quality and taste in the Gujrat region.

Our Contribution

Social Media Handling, Content Strategy


4 Months

Opened to the public in 2003 and since then, their products have been loved and enjoyed in the family and received an astounding response from Gujrat to Foreign Countries. They offer different food products to fulfill every kind of taste in the family.

They Claim Healthy & Tasty Food Products. Today Rajwadi Farsan's occupies considerable shelf space at prominent supermarkets in the Valsad region and throughout the state. The quality remains undiminished for all these years and the brand has taken into account changing needs of the customers, hence presenting a variety of snacks and food items that can be enjoyed anytime.


Rajwadi Farsan was looking to expand its Brand across the web and digital platforms. They approached us to build Brand Awareness through Social Media (Facebook Group Focused) and Organic Marketing. They wanted to draw up a content strategy fully focused on the Indian Audience.


Working in the Indian Food Market, they have developed trust across the regions with their products. They were exactly wanting that to capture in their Social Media Marketing.

The audience needed to make healthy food decisions by adopting total organic and handmade products.

Different audiences have different tastes and they ought to cater likewise to reach every hand.

Fulfilling the demands of the new-age consumer is what makes any product difficult to step ahead of.

Taste can never take over the demand for healthy food products.

People's businesses are on the bedrock of trust and every marketing collateral needs to be represented the same. Trust the brand.

People should choose their food products over the different options available to them.


In a market full of unlimited food options, our main target was to cater to the direct buyers and distributors too.

Their sole market focus was the Facebook audience, and hence they have already cut down on the different market opportunities where they could do much better.

A limited audience now uses Facebook as a primary social media platform, and hence most of the audience was cut down from the focus.

Rajwadi Farsan is not selling on any e-commerce platform, which also hampers the sale of the products.

Our Solutions

We have foodies in our team who knew what will work best to attract foodies to the products. And we did exactly the same. It Worked!

In order to entice audiences of all ages to sample and taste Rajwadi Farsan, our main goal with creative designs was to provide a dynamic touch to every product that was missing in their existing creatives.

Our content strategy was focused to highlight the product qualities and varieties to attract Indians including both distributors & direct buyers. It helped Rajwadi Farsan to build an identity and trust in the visitors and convert them into buyers.

We added playful themes, creating a vivid and upbeat impact that appealed to people.

The creativity is no longer just pictures; rather, they are a story that every youngster loves.


We have identified the brand experience and promise and hence aligned with their specialties to get ready with the brand marketing strategy. This made us very clear about how to gain market value.

Visual Output

After all the exertions, we came up with the best product representation visuals for social media platforms that lined up with the needs of the sales.

They know what works for the market needs and how to improve the business performance. Good to work with the creative team.

Kalpesh Founder

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