Truckadium serves the entire Canadian trucking industry as a leading technology, consulting, and training provider. They offer hands-on Truck Dispatch & Freight Broker Training Courses and give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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UI/UX & Website Design


1 Months

In the transportation sector, Truckadium is a top provider of education, consulting, compliance, and digital solutions. They help businesses get ahead of their competitors with top-notch consulting and business solutions. We offer education and training services, including in-person and online classes for freight brokers and truck dispatchers. Our cutting-edge technological solutions assist transportation companies in improving their online visibility and operational effectiveness.

Truckadium is a one-stop shop for all of the requirements of individuals and companies in the trucking sector, assisting them in achieving sustainable company success through our cutting-edge training, consultancy, and technical solutions.


Truckadium operates with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the Trucking Industry which includes training and development, operations management, and product development. The team strives to provide best-in-class technology and consulting solutions at an affordable cost. To guarantee the prompt delivery of effective business solutions, our professionals regularly update their expertise. Users can also grab the certifications.


The growth of customer expectations is one of the major difficulties you have when running a logistics firm, trucking operation, or any transport-related operation.

There is a problem with the deliberate misclassification of truck industries by some employers that creates issues.

Compensating for losses brought on by changes in the market and delays caused by legislation.

Many firms can attempt to decrease the blows that can send an organization into the grave by fostering a management style of flexibility and proactive engagement in disaster planning and mitigation.

Transport routes used for border crossings may experience additional delays if pre-trip vehicle inspections are not correctly carried out and recorded. It requires some digital solutions.

Organizations in the transportation industry that have operated in the same manner for decades frequently resist significant change. No exemption applies to the shift toward digital solutions.


Truckadium was going to bring a huge revolution in the truck consulting and management industry throughout Canada. After going through the customer research we have encapsulated the following challenges while designing an interface and implementing it.

Since the website interface was going to serve different purposes on a single platform, managing the gap between design and development was the tough part of the process.

The next challenge was to come up with the right user interface that is effective, simple, and serves the purpose with aesthetically pleasing and engaging visuals.

Our Solutions

We were going to cater to a whole new industry in a different marketplace to deal with. It required ample time and lots of research to understand the customer base and what implementations will be more useful. We then-

We have focused on different groups of customers in order to assess their needs and requirements. People can connect with the website and ask questions based on their requirements in addition to simply visiting.

We made sure that the brand value is upheld on the website by keeping its core principles and offerings upfront and center. The UI/UX implementations on their website were top-notch and nicely integrated with what they were looking for.


User interface (UI) can be defined as anything that a user can interact with to use a digital good or service. Hence our main focus of the research was to enhance the user experience by building a sorted interface.

Style Guide

We have used blue color as the core of the brand and produced a website that is aesthetically pleasing, uncomplicated, versatile, and engaging. This wow their users and set Truckadium apart from rivals.

Visual Output

We have added screen-to-screen details and visuals that make the users stick to the website and learn more about the offered courses. An interface easy to use and communicate with.

In spite of being from different geographical demographic, the team has gone through the requirements and has implemented them wisely. Three cheers to PointofViewer team.

Sahil Chabra Project Cordinator

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