Zammer is a fashion marketplace that works as a bridge between the Traditional and Modern-age shopping styles to keep the Indian Shopping experience segment at a priority. The main focus is to connect sellers to the shoppers locally.

Our Contribution

UX Design, UI Design, Product Strategy Prototyping, Branding, Consulting, Social Media Content Strategy & Creatives


Branding & Strategy- 3 Months, Social Media- Recurring Client

With Zammer, the creators believed in bringing a revolution to the e-commerce shopping market. In a world full of online fashion markets shopping is becoming a click-click game, minimizing the real-time shopping experience. There used to be a time when stores used to be full of customers and chit-chats, now retailers are forced to wait for the customers and footfalls are decreasing day by day.

Zammer aims to keep human interaction alive in the shopping and ease the life of every kind of fashion seller and buyer without any bar on location and budget.


This brand-new concept in the market needs to be more than strong to reach and connect with every seller and shopper in the Indian Market. They need a bold marketing and branding strategy to convey their purpose & story clearly and shine in the fashion market. They wanted to launch the project ASAP, so the timeline was tight.


After going through our primary research, we have concluded that shopkeepers and buyers both are facing problems in online and offline markets. The following are the major issues faced by-

Sellers- In offline market: Shop to shop visits/ Crowd in famous markets/ finding the right store to get the desired collection In online market: Lengthy approval process/ High competition/ Return and exchange issues

Buyers- In offline market: Location/ Budget/ Restricted Visibility/ Labor Wages In online market: Quality issues/ wait for deliveries/ order replacements/ size issues

Buyers are not able to connect with nearby shops and vice versa that is eliminating the real-life shopping selling experience.

Lack of transparency is a big issue in all kinds of marketplaces.


In a world full of online shopping markets, it becomes difficult to shift the audience from online to offline.

We needed to keep both the audiences (buyers and sellers) in mind and serve an accessible UI/UX solution at the same time.

Maintaining consistency as per the needs and requirements of each type of user is different.

Creating a brand strategy to present Zammer as a solution for all the fashion market-related problems needed to connect with every kind of user.

Simplifying the app so that every individual can access it without facing any difficulties.

Our Solutions

Zammer was going to be a revolutionary platform in Indian market that works on the ground level to connect every fashion store (big or small) with buyers nearby.

We have started with building a strong market presence for Zammer after implementing the right social media marketing strategy. This helped to develop a foundation for the existence of Zammer. Then the biggest part was to touch on the pain points and serve Zammer as a consistent solution for all kinds of audiences.

Buyers who love to explore online can visit their nearby/ preferred fashion market sitting anywhere, for that we have added the feature of location tracking. This made it easy to connect with favorite shops without hopping out of your comfort zone.

Try & pick revived the real-time shopping experience, and allowed sellers to reduce their extra costs.

Safe and secure payment options are available for ease of payment and to create transparency.


After collecting all the pain points, we have made a Brand strategy to serve Zammer as a solution for all the problems of sellers and buyers. Since the fashion marketplace is vast, so to cater every need was our first target.

Style Guide

We initially worked on the Brand look & feel part, which made us select Orange as the standard brand color as this represents happiness & connection and white to represent transparency and trustworthiness. We have worked to develop a strong brand identity, style guide, and social media design.

Visual Output

After all the research, wireframing, visualizing screen-to-screen transitions, and feedback we developed the mobile app design for Zammer as buyer and seller. Plus strong social media presence to engage people for the launch.

From visualizing ideas into reality, the POV team was our first companion working on Zammer and turning it into a success. From the app, and branding to marketing, they have handled everything with all their field expertise.

Dixit Jiyani Founder & CEO

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