Parallel Team

Parallel Team is a leading global technology consultancy that integrates strategic thinking, design excellence, and technical expertise to drive digital transformation.

Our Contribution

Website Design & SEO Content, Social Media Handling


4 Months

Parallel Team is not only a globally recognized IT company but also a family filled with talented experts that help global brands, enterprises, mid-size businesses or even startups with innovative solutions. Innovating mobile & web technology and changing the way businesses work.

Parallel Team began its journey as a small web & software app development company in 2017, with a belief that our leading goal is to simplify lives by leveraging innovation that accelerates your development to succeed in your business goals.


With the focus on total technological business, Parallel team wanted to position itself as a high-quality service provider. They wanted to express themselves as a reliable software development company.


A seeker needs different development and technical services for their business website. Parallel Team wanted to cater to and fulfill all their needs in one place.

Generally, businesses have their websites but they don’t work as per their goals and need an expert consulting to perform better.

Simple full-of-content websites don’t work for people, this needs to be interactive.

People don’t have flexible websites or applications that can smoothly work in the present and are ever-ready for future advancement .


We have a better implied of their objectives and knew what their vision is related to their website and social media performance. So, we never faced any challenges working on a collaboration for Parallel Team.

Our Solutions

From designing their logo theme as their name says ‘Parallel’, we made it lively giving it the feel of holding hands or walking parallel together with their customers.

Parallel Teams solve various software and technology-related problems in one place.

For the audience landing on the website, we kept the visuals soothing, highly interactive & responsive, and full of motions.

Not only visiting, but people can also connect/inquire over the website as per their needs.

Keeping its values on the front, we assured that it maintains the brand value throughout the website and with the social media updates. The UI/UX implementations were on the notch that perfectly embedded with what they were looking for on their website.

We worked on their content with SEO perspective. That ultimately increased their ROI and sales.


Understanding the psychology of visitors and buyers was the first step to moving ahead with our approach. The creatives aimed to deep-seat with the perfect look & feel of childhood memories and pop out with the real taste of flavors to engage with everyone. When you look into the lively designs, you can feel those tangy flavors jumping into your mouth from the fruit chill lobby.

Style Guide

We used the pleasant color theme for the brand representation as the client wanted to reflect their values of calm and satisfaction. But we experimented with their social media visuals to let them travel beyond any restraints.

Visual Output

After all the research, wireframing, and continuous feedback, we finally completed our intuitive website design. Agile User Experience was our priority throughout the transitions.

With an ever-ready Design team, what else you can ask for to upscale your business? Even though we are far talking about the distance they are just one phone call away. It's a very good experience working with them. Very professional and it is the company you can trust.

Nishu Founder & CEO

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